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9:00 - 9:10 AM

Welcome and Opening Remark

Dr. Min Zhou, Managing Partner of CM Venture Capital; Vice Chairman of SEIF Foundation

9:10 - 9:30 AM

Opportunities for hard technology companies brought by the new SSE Star Market

Mr. Jeffrey Xin, Executive Director of Investment Banking of Guotai Junan Securities

On July 22nd 2019, China launched a new Nasdaq-style tech board — the Science and Technology Innovation Board, or “STAR Market”, targeted for high-tech companies with strong IP. In this talk, Mr. Xin will share the latest rules, practices and conditions of the market, and offer perspectives on what opportunities the STAR market brings to hard technology companies and investors.

9:30 - 9:50 AM

We create chemistry for a sustainable future

Dr. Stefan Bruening, Vice President of BASF Innovation Campus Asia Pacific 

There is a growing demand for innovation in Asia Pacific, in particular for more sustainable products and solutions. Chemistry is a key enabler of innovation. As a world-leading chemical company, BASF sees innovation as the most important and efficient driver for growth. Dr. Stefan Bruening will talk about how BASF is empowering innovation in the largest chemical market, Asia, and driving business growth.

9:50 - 10:30 AM

Panel discussion: Global funding of innovation in the uncertain geopolitical climate

Moderator: Dr. Min Zhou, Managing Partner, CM Venture Capital


Wei Guo, Partner, PWC China 

Jiazeng Luo, CEO BICI Investment 

10:30 - 11:00 AM

Networking break

11:00 - 11:20 AM

Current situation and development of high-end photoresist production line

Dr. Cindy Chen, Founder and CEO of Kempur Microelectronics

Founded in 2004 by returnee scientists, Kempur Microelectronics has become China's biggest photoresist manufacturer. In this talk, Dr. Chen will share the experience and lessons from the construction of the Kempur photoresist production line; She will also analyze the gap between Japan and China in the development of high-end photoresist materials and the necessity of the engineering research.

11:20 - 11:40 AM

Perovskite Photovoltaics - dawn of industrialization

Dr. Bin Fan, Founder and CEO of GCL Nano

Perovskite photovoltaic technology has seen rapid development in the past ten years. In this talk, industry veteran Dr. Fan will give a brief introduction of perovskite photovoltaics (principle and future) and a detailed introduction to the works of GCL Nano on commercialization of perovskite solar modules.

11:40 - 12:00 AM

Building China's competitive advantages in fuel cell technologies

Dr. Xun Ouyang, Founder and CEO of Nowogen

Hydrogen fuel cells technology is fast becoming a mainstream technical route for new energy vehicles in China. World's leading automakers such as Toyota, Honda and Hyundai have all introduced vehicles into the market. In this talk, Dr. Ouyang discusses the current market conditions, technical routes, and core technologies of fuel cell stacks and explores how Chinese companies can compete with international giants in the area.

12:00 - 12:20 AM

Latest developments in supercapacitor technology 

Dr. Xuewen Yu, Research Scientist at CRRC New Energy

Due to limitations of the electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) in specific energy, current life and safety, application of EDLC energy storage devices in rail transit and public transportation field is seriously restricted. Supercapacitors are characterized by high safety, high specific power and long life. They can provide clean energy for urban public transportation vehicles as well as heavy machineries. In this talk, Dr. Yu presents CRRC's latest technology developments in supercapacitors.

12:30 - 1:30 PM 


1:30 - 1:50 PM

Bringing chemistry-driven innovation to life

Mr. Yoshiyuki Kashiwagi, Senior Manager at BASF Performance Materials 

How material technologies and innovation are brought to our life? Functional plastics and foams have almost unlimited freedom of design and applications for various industries, from consumer, automotive, industrial to construction. Role of material is starting to shift from providing functionality by itself, toward more consolidated and integrated solution to maximize customer benefit and experience. Kashiwagi will talk how BASF collaborates with customers and partners to turn new ideas into ideal solution in ever changing business environment.

1:50 - 2:10 PM

Leveraging external innovations to accelerate consumer products development

Mr. Phil Giesler, Group Head of Scientific Regulatory Capabilities at British American Tobacco

Phil has rich experience in corporate venturing - he was an early leader of Unilever Technology Ventures, and spearheaded the start of venturing at British American Tobacco. In this talk, Phil will share his experience and perspectives on how fast-moving consumer products companies can leverage external innovations and work with start-ups to accelerate their own product development.

2:10 - 2:50 AM

Panel discussion:​ How corporate venture funds invest and add value?

Moderator: Mr. Chen Zhao, Managing Partner of Plug&Play China


Dr. Xiangjun Xin, Investment Director of China Three Gorges New Energy Group 

Mr. Howard Huang, Investment director at SABIC Venture Capital

Dr. Thomas Kostka, Senior Investment Manager at Henkel Ventures 

Ms. Li Li, Investment Director, BASF Venture Capital

2:50 - 3:10 PM

Industrial development of functional magnetic microspheres in the field of biomedical engineering

Dr. Arthur Ren, Founder and CEO of Beaver Biomedical Engineering

Functional magnetic microspheres play a key role in the development of IVD industry and immune cell therapy. Beaver Biomedical Engineering is one of the domestic industry leaders in the magnetic microspheres industry. In this talk, Dr. Ren will share his perspectives on the industry status and future development prospects of functional magnetic microspheres. 

3:10 - 3:30 PM

Building a green circular economy

Ms. Aina Chai, Chairman at Huidu Group

Ms. Chai will discuss the industry background and market size of logistics express delivery industry, issues with traditional packaging issues and green packaging standards. Ms. Cai will then introduce Huidu Group's products and solutions, and explain the demand in the fields of materials and packaging for the green solution. Ms. Chai hopes to unite more companies to work together on green container business.

3:30 - 4:00 PM

Networking break

4:00 - 4:20 PM

Enabling low-cost dynamic glass

Dr. Yan Zhou, CEO of Furcifur

Furcifer is a venture-backed Silicon Valley startup. Furcifer’s disruptive technology provides solutions to address all the specific pain points in the industry and transforms and upgrades traditional glass to smart glass at acceptable incremental cost. With well thought out go-to-market strategy and business model, Furcifer is developing applications in architectural, automotive, and display sectors that cover various regional markets.

4:20 - 4:40 PM

FLEX lighting - breakthrough light transmission

Mr. Mike Casper, CEO of Flexlighting

Flex Lighting is changing the way we see and experience light.  FLEx’s technologies have created the world’s thinnest lightguide system, which is now enabling next generation reflective displays and flexible LCDs to reach their full potential. In this talk, Mr. Casper will discuss the company’s current display products used in industrial/medical devices; FLEx’s developments in consumer/educational tablet displays; and future applications in automotive, flexible LCDs, and general illumination.

4:40 - 5:00 PM

East meets West: Journey of building the China business of a Silicon Valley start-up

Mr. Larry Chen, China Head of Zipline Medical China

Zipline Medical is a VC-backed Silicon Valley company with an innovative surgical device that is built on materials and design innovations. Larry Chen, who was Zipline Medical's first hire in China, will share his experience navigating China's regulatory environment and building sales channels. Larry will also share his key learnings from building Zipline Medical's business in China that will benefit foreign start-ups looking to enter the China market.

5:00 - 5:20 PM

Investing in the future with a sense of history 

Dr. Patrick Berbon, Managing Partner of CM Venture Capital

Industries based on hard technologies like materials and manufacturing have long gestation periods before possibly taking off into Tornado-like fast growth. Following the underlying technology and market developments over long time periods allows early prediction and quick decisions when the right opportunities emerge. Dr. Berbon shares CM Venture's systematic approach to building its investment pipeline and staying ahead of the curve.

5:20 - 5:30 PM

Closing remarks

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