Innovation China Conference 2019 - Functional Materials
Oct 11, 2019, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
JW Marriott Beijing Central,
Beijing, China

While there are many venture capital events around the world, few are dedicated to "deep-tech" or "hard-tech"

While China's Internet companies are well-known, few know China's brightest companies in materials or industrial IOT

While corporate venture capital  is at all-time high, start-ups have difficulties meeting strategic investors 

Innovation China Conference is a not-for-profit conference organized to fill the gaps:

Innovation China 2015 - Hard Technology Investing

Innovation China 2016 - Advanced Manufacturing

Innovation China 2017 - Digital Industrial

Innovation China 2018 - New Materials

Innovation China 2019 - Functional Materials

Each conference brought together thought leaders from multinational companies,

venture capital and corporate venture capital companies

and brightest start-ups in specific sectors to exchange ideas 

Many start-ups successfully raised venture financing after attending the Innovation China conferences

Attended by ~ 200 professionals, the Innovation China conferences are great networking events

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of CM Venture Capital, the Innovation China 2020 - Next Ten will invite professionals and experts from different industries, as well as startup entrepreneurs to share the thoughts on "what it would be like in the next ten years?", which will cover on topics such as the change in the market landscape post-pandemic and the opportunities within.

“The Innovation China conference brings together a wealth of startups, entrepreneurs and large corporates, all uniquely focused on the industrial manufacturing and materials space.  It is a great opportunity see and experience the breadth of what China’s start up community has to offer.” 


— David Mayhew, Chief Investment Officer

GE Venture

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