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The China Innovation Conference, managed and operated by CM Venture Capital, returns this year after a two-year hiatus. With the reopening of borders and international travel, we're putting together a mix of the top minds and talents to share and discuss breakthroughs that shape everyone's future.

Since 2015, Innovation China Conference is a non-profit conference designed to bring together the best of the best from the science & technology industry:


Innovation China 2015
Hard Technology Investing

Innovation China 2016

Advanced Manufacturing

Innovation China 2017 
Digital Industrial

Innovation China 2018

New Materials

Innovation China 2019
Functional Materials

Innovation China 2020

Circular Carbon Economy & Digitization

Innovation China 2023

Revitalize! Discover the Science behind LOHAS (May)

Momentum (Nov)


Each conference brought together thought leaders from multinationals, venture capitalists and corporate venture capital companies and the brightest start-ups in specific sectors to exchange ideas. Many successfully raised venture financing after attending the Innovation China conferences. 


Attended by over 200 professionals, the Innovation China Conference helps to build networks, generate leads and develop new ideas.For this year's event, we are take a special focus on the science & technology behind Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS). Specially invited speakers from corporates such as BASF, Heraeus, BAT, Petronas and more share their insights and industry trends.

“The Innovation China conference brings together a wealth of startups, entrepreneurs and large corporates, all uniquely focused on the industrial manufacturing and materials space.  It is a great opportunity see and experience the breadth of what China’s start up community has to offer.” 


— David Mayhew, Chief Investment Officer

GE Venture


Organizations providing generous support to the regular non-profit event include

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