Innovation China 2018

New Materials

The Innovation 2018 event was held in Shanghai. Four multinational companies, nine start-ups and seven VC firms in the field of new materials spoke at the conference. The conference was attended by over 200 people from MNC companies, venture firms and corporate venture capital arms, and start-ups. View some of the presentations below.

Innovation China 2017

Digital Industrial

The Innovation 2017 event was held in Shanghai. The conference was attended by over 200 people from MNC companies, venture firms and corporate venture capital arms, and start-ups. View some of the presentations below. Click here to view a summary of the key insights of the conference, authored by Dr. Min Zhou, CEO of CM Venture Capital.

Unlocking the Assets Value by Aldous Wong, Chief Commercial Officer @ GE Digital, China

Aldous leads GE's digital industrial strategy and execution in China. GE Digital connects stream of machine data to powerful analytics and people, providing valuable insights to manage assets and operations more efficiently. 

In this presentation, Aldous discusses "killer apps" for digital industrial, and the digital ecosystem that includes start-ups and more than 35k+ developers.

The "Philosophy" and the "Road" of Digitization at Sunny by Jiuxing Weng, General Manager @ Sunny Intelligent Technology

Sunny Intelligent Technology is a leading company in integrated optical device manufacturers and an optical imaging system solution provider. The Company went public in 2007 and is listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code:2382.HK).

Mr. Weng has been the General Manager of Sunny since 2015. He shares both the guiding philosophies and the actual implementations of digital strategy at Sunny.

BASF 4.0 by Sebastian-Hartmut Schenk, Regional Head @ BASF Management Consulting Asia Pacific

Sebastian Schenk leads the BASF Management Consulting team in Hong Kong, covering topics such as profitability improvement and strategy implementation. Sebastian also coordinates BASF's digitization activities in the region. 

Sebastian shares examples of seven core technologies that enable industry 4.0 in the Chemical industry.

Investing in Materials Science Companies by Dr. Min Zhou @ CM Venture Capital

Dr. Min Zhou is a founding partner of CM Venture Capital, a venture capital company based in Shanghai that invests in new materials, advanced manufacturing and digital industrial. 

Dr. Zhou earned a Ph.D. in Materials Science from University of Southern California (USC), and has been a research scientist and venture capital investor in both the U.S. and China. Dr. Zhou shares her thoughts and insights in investing in materials companies at the Innovation China 2018 conference held in Shanghai on Nov 1st 2018.

Ultratouch for Smart Devices by Corbin Church @ Cambridge Touch Technologies

Cambridge Touch Technologies is Cambridge, UK based start-up company developing AI-Powered, 3D multitouch for next generation smart devices.

CTT uses a combination of a proprietary AI engine running unique signal processing algorithms, and a specialized Piezoelectric Force Film, to enable the world’s simplest sensor architecture that delivers superior functionality at lower cost, and scales to all device sizes and shapes (including curved).

Breakthrough Transparent Electrode Technology by Professor Jay Guo @ University of Michigan

Transparent electrode has been dominated by ITO, a brittle ceramic material, for decades. There has been a lot of efforts to replace ITO with material that can be deposited on flexible substrates at low temperature, including silver nanowire, metal grids etc. Professor Guo presents another approach which uses existing ITO sputtering equipment to deposit nanometer thick silver composite uniformly on plastic substrate.

Innovation China 2016

Advanced Manufacturing

The Innovation 2016 event was held in Shanghai. The conference was attended by over 200 people from MNC companies, venture firms and corporate venture capital arms, and start-ups. View some of the presentations below.

Promoting Transformation and Upgrading of Shanghai Industry by Ms. Ziying Xu, Vice Director @ Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information

In this presentation, Ms. Xu articulates the 13th five-year plan of Shanghai manufacturing industry, and the city's strategic focus areas of industrial development.

Bridging China-German Cooperation by Jiandang Gu, CEO @ Phoenix Contact China

Phoenix  Contact is one of many "hidden champions" of Germany, a family-owned manufacturer of industrial automation, interconnection, and interface solutions. 

Mr. Gu gave a passionate speech about how to learn from Germany's industry 4.0 while build a China smart eco-system.

A Brilliant Transformation in Manufacturing by Christine Furstoss, Vice President @ GE Global Research

Christine discusses the latest in physical + digital manufacturing trends that GE Research is working on, with particular focus on additive manufacturing and digitally integrated virtual manufacturing.

Innovation China 2015

Venture Capital in "Hard Technologies" and Forum on Battery Material and Energy Storage

The Innovation 2015 event was held in Shanghai. Over 200 executives, entrepreneurs and VC professionals gathered to hear from leading VCs discussing venture in "hard technologies", from Professor Josh Lerner of Harvard Business School on corporate venture capital, and from experts as well as seven start-ups in the energy storage space. View some of the presentations below.

Venture Capital and Corporate Venture Capital by Josh Lerner, Professor @ Harvard Business School

Professor Lerner is a world-renown scholar on venture capita and corporate venture capital. He is author of <<Venture Capital and Private Equity, a casebook>>, classic textbook on venture capital.

In this lecture, Professor Learner weaves together history of innovation and entrepreneurship in different cultures, and explore different models of corporate venture capital

Venture Capital in "Hard Technologies" by Dr. Min Zhou, CEO @ CM Venture Capital

China Materialia (CM Venture Capital) is a VC firm focused on hard technologies including materials science, hardware, manufacturing. 

In this talk, Dr. Min Zhou, co-founder and CEO of CM, talks about the hard aspects of investing in hard technology companies, in contrast to software and internet companies. Min points a path forward by bringing the East and the West together.

Battery Materials and Energy Storage Forum, moderated vy Michelle Hua, Partner @ CM Venture Capital

This half-day forum is focused on battery materials and energy storage industry in China. Michelle Hua, Partner of CM Venture Capital gave an overview of battery materials technologies, and Tina Zhang from China Energy Storage Association gave an overview on the energy storage industry in China. 

Seven start-ups in the field participated in roundtable discussions.

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